3.89 ct. Watermelon Tourmaline & Diamond Pendant in Platinum

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A refreshing 3.89 carat natural watermelon tourmaline is framed by round brilliant cut diamonds, in this platinum pendant.

While tourmaline occurs in many different colors, it can also occur in bicolor or tricolor crystals.  Watermelon tourmaline is an example of a tricolor tourmaline that is often cut into slices, showing off its unique color zoning.
Fun Fact:  Tourmaline is both pyroelectric and piezoelectric, meaning it is a gem that becomes electrically charged when heated or squeezed!

Metal: Platinum
Gender: Lady's
Size: 15 x 12mm
Hallmarks: None (Tests Platinum)
Gross Weight: 5.5 grams (3.6 dwts)
Age: Brand New (2021)
Condition: Brand New

Gemstone: Natural Bi-Color Tourmaline
Quantity: 1
Cut: Emerald Cut
Color: Green & Red
Tone: Medium Dark (GIA 6)
Saturation: Strong (GIA 5)
Symmetry: Very Good
Transparency: Semi-Transparent
Clarity: SI2 (GIA Type III)
Treatments: Routine Heating
Measurements: 10.96 x 8.25 x 5.09mm
Carat Weight: 3.89 ct.
Quantity: 24
Shape/Cutting Style: Round Brilliant Cut
Color: F-G
Clarity: VS1-VS2
Measurements: 1.70mm Diameter
Total Carat Weight: 0.45 ct.