ENORMOUS Museum Quality Vintage Navajo Turquoise Belt Buckle with Original Box

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This magnificent, vintage, museum quality Navajo belt buckle features an ENORMOUS turquoise cabochon set in sterling silver, flanked by two smaller turquoises.

The museum quality turquoise center measures 131.55 x 82.13mm and weighs exactly 1,060.00 carats! ("Center Stone 1060c" is hand-engraved on the reverse). It has an intensely-saturated greenish-blue hue with attractive, black spiderweb matrix. Very rarely will a polished turquoise cabochon of this size appear on the market and when they do, they are coveted by collectors.

The buckle also contains two (2) triangular-shaped turquoise cabochons, averaging 33.75 x 23.65mm x Depth Not Attainable.

 All three (3) turquoise cabochons are hammer set in custom, scalloped bezels. A 3-dimensional feather border frames the center stone, with details hand-engraved on each feather. A handcrafted butterfly accent sits at the very top of the buckle while three beads are located at the very bottom of the buckle.

The backdrop of the buckle is darkened with a black lacquer, making the turquoise gems POP even more. The overall dimensions of the belt buckle are ≈ 6.5" x 6" and it has a gross weight of 432.5 grams (13.9 Troy ounces).

The reverse side of the buckle is hand-engraved, “T.E. Avery S.S. Center Stone 1060c” and is signed with a picto-mark.

Belt loop will accommodate a 2 inch-wide belt.

Included in the sale is a custom-made, velvet-lined, wooden box that safely houses this masterpiece creation!


Item Details
Designer: T.E. Avery
Tribal Affiliation: Navajo
Metal: Sterling Silver
Size: 6 1/2" x 6"
Hallmarks: “T.E. Avery S.S. Center Stone 1060c” & Pictomark Signature
Gross Weight: 432.5 grams (13.9 Troy Ounces)
Gemstone Details
Gem Species: Natural Turquoise
Quantity: 1
Cut: Oval Cabochon
Color: Slightly Greenish Blue
Matrix: Black, Spider Web
Transparency: Opaque
Measurements: 131.55 x 82.13mm x Depth Not Attainable
Carat Weight: 1,060.00 carats
Gem Species: Natural Turquoise
Quantity: 2
Cut: Triangular Cabochon
Color: Slightly Greenish Blue, Mottled
Transparency: Opaque
33.75 x 23.65mm x Depth Not Attainable (Averaged)