GIA 2.40 ct. Natural Colombian Trapiche Emerald

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Accompanied by GIA Emerald Origin Report Number 6204513197

2.40 carats

9.67 x 7.86 x 4.25mm

Clarity enhanced (Moderate resin is present in surface cavities.)

Trapiche emeralds are a rare variety of emerald named after a six-spoked cogwheel used in sugar cane mills (trapiche de cańa azucar in Spanish).

During the emerald crystal's formation, black carbon impurities enter the emerald, forming a six point pattern as they fill in the gaps between growth sectors of the hexagonal crystal structure.

The earliest mention of trapiche emeralds dates back to 1879 when Emile Bertrand described a trapiche emerald from Muzo, Colombia.

The majority of trapiche emeralds are found in Colombia, but they are also mined in Brazil and Madagascar.​

Quantity: 1
Gem Variety: Trapiche Emerald
Gem Species: Beryl
Nature: Natural
Origin: Colombia
Treatments: Clarity Enhancement (Moderate Resin)
Shape: Oval
Cutting Style: Double Cabochon
Color: Green
Transparency: Semi-Transparent to Translucent
Measurements: 9.67 x 7.86 x 4.25mm
Carat Weight: 2.40 carats
GIA Report Number: 6204513197