Vintage Navajo Chunky Turquoise & Bear Claw Bolo Tie in Sterling Silver

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This magnificent, vintage, hand-fabricated Navajo bolo tie with fancy tips features a LARGE piece of red matrix turquoise and a real bear claw bezel-set in sterling silver.

The bolo is rather large, measuring 3 5/8" from top to bottom. The top edge measures 3 1/2" and tapers to 2 1/4" at the bottom edge.

The fine turquoise cabochon has attractive red matrix veining! The polished piece of turquoise measures ≈ 71.15 x 41.65mm and weighs somewhere in the ballpark of 250 carats! Very rarely will you find a piece of turquoise of this size and quality.

The turquoise is custom bezel set in sterling silver, and is also anchored with an embellished serpent prong! The snake is detailed with various Native American symbolism and is accented by a bear claw.

Throughout the bolo, you'll find various Native American symbols that represent different things. Aside from the obvious serpent, there are feather, flower, wing, and bead symbols.

The reverse side of the bolo has a hinged "BENNETT PAT. PEND." clasp, allowing for easy adjustment of the woven leather cord.

The reverse side of the piece has a sticker that reads "Larry Yazzie". Throughout our research, we have yet to find any documentation to support this, so we are not advertising it as such.

Gross weight of the piece is 149.3 grams (4.8 Troy ounces).

Item Details
Designer: Unknown
Tribal Affiliation: Navajo
Metal: Sterling Silver
Size: 3 5/8" From Top to Bottom
Hallmarks: Pictomark Signature
Gross Weight: 149.3 grams (4.8 Troy Ounces)
Gemstone Details
Gem Species: Natural Turquoise
Quantity: 1
Cut: Freeform Cabochon
Color: Greenish Blue
Matrix: Red, Spider Web
Transparency: Opaque
Measurements: 71.15 x 41.65mm x Depth Not Attainable
Carat Weight: Approximately 250 carats