Vintage Red Coral Dragon Bracelet in Sterling Silver

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Coral is a living marine organism that forms in branch-like structures in tropical and sub-tropical ocean waters.  When the coral polyps die, a dull, hardened skeleton remains that can be polished to a beautiful waxy luster.  Most coral is white to cream in color but coral does occur naturally in several other colors such as red, pink, peach, black, orange, golden, blue, lavender, and angelskin. Red coral is referred to as precious coral.  The most valuable coral falls within the red to pink color range.

This vintage statement bracelet features natural red coral set amongst a sterling silver dragon motif.  The dragon's eyes have been plated with yellow gold.

Metal: Sterling Silver
Gender: Lady's
Size: 2.5" x 2.0" Inner Bangle Measurements
Hallmarks: "925"
Gross Weight: 40.8 grams (26.2 dwts)
Age: Vintage (Circa Mid to Late 20th Century)
Condition: Good Preowned

Quantity: 4
Type: Precious Coral
Color: Red
Nature: Natural
Environment: Saltwater
Size: 13 x 8mm to 15 x 7mm
Shape: Oval Cabochon
Treatments: No Indication of Dye