Vintage Watermelon Tourmaline & Natural Pearl Pendant in Sterling Silver

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While tourmaline occurs in many different colors, it can also occur in bicolor or tricolor crystals.  Watermelon tourmaline is an example of a tricolor tourmaline that is often cut into slices, showing off its unique color zoning.

This handmade pendant features a refreshing slice of watermelon tourmaline set in sterling silver, with a natural pearl dangling beneath.

*Please Note:  The pendant is missing its bail.*

Metal: Sterling Silver
Gender: Lady's
Size: 43 x 26mm Overall
Hallmarks: None
Gross Weight: 2.8 grams (1.8 dwts)
Age: Vintage (Early 21st Century)
Condition: Missing Bail

Quantity: 1
Gem Type: Watermelon Tourmaline
Nature: Natural
Cut: Polished Slice
Color: Red, White, Green
Measurements: 11 x 11mm

Quantity: 1
Type: Natural Pearl
Size: 5 x 3 x 2mm
Shape: Baroque
Color: White
Overtones: Red & Green
Phenomenon: Orient
Surface Quality: Heavily Blemished
Luster: Fair