Collection: Edwardian Era Jewelry

The Edwardian Era is named after King Edward VII.  He was the son of Queen Victoria and became King of England when his mother passed away in 1901.  His reign was very brief, lasting only until 1910 when he unfortunately passed away.
Platinum became very popular during the Edwardian Era, thanks to the invention of the oxyacetylene torch in 1895.  Before then, platinum was backed by gold (similar to the gold-backed silver pieces from the Victorian Era).  The strength of platinum was showcased as diamonds were set in airy, lace-like, openwork filigree settings.  Millegrain (or milgrain) detailing was common, giving a soft, coin edge look to platinum pieces.
Ribbons, bows, garlands, tassels, and wreaths were common motifs during the Edwardian Era.