Collection: Paraiba Tourmaline

Paraíba tourmaline is a very rare variety of tourmaline known for its intense neon bluish green hues.

In 1988, extremely saturated, vivid blue and green tourmalines were discovered in Paraíba, Brazil.  These intense, neon colored tourmalines owe their color to copper impurities and also often contain traces of manganese.  Since their original discovery, similarly colored tourmalines have been discovered in other locations in Brazil, as well as in other locations such as Nigeria and Mozambique.  Although they may not have been mined in Paraíba, they are still referred to as "Paraíba tourmaline" as long as their color is caused by copper impurities.

Paraíba tourmaline colors include neon blue, blue-green, greenish blue, green, mint green and rarely violet or purple.

Paraìba tourmaline is commonly heated to improve or change its color.  Color origin for this gem is currently undeterminable.