Global Gemology & Appraisals is an NAJA Accredited Gemological Laboratory, founded in 2017 by Scott Papper in Deerfield Beach, Florida.  Scott is one of the most highly-credentialed jewelry appraisers in the entire industry.  See below for details:





• GG - Graduate Gemologist (GIA)
• CMA - Certified Master Appraiser  (NAJA)
• RGA - Registered Gemologist Appraiser  (ISG)
• AJP - Applied Jewelry Professional  (GIA)
• GD - Graduate Diamonds  (GIA)
• GCS - Graduate Colored Stones  (GIA)
• GP - Graduate Pearls  (GIA)
• CSMP - Certified Senior Management Professional  (JA)
• CSSP - Certified Senior Sales Professional  (JA)
• Accredited Senior Gemologist (AGA)
• Certified Cultured Pearl Specialist  (CPAA)


Scott Papper is a fourth generation gem and jewelry professional with experience as an independent appraiser, gemologist, jewelry buyer, pawnbroker, and expert witness.  He has performed independent appraisal services for attorneys, estate planning professionals, retail jewelers, pawnshops, coin dealers, insurance companies, private clients, and other appraisers.  Scott has provided litigation support and appeared before the Judge in multiple cases involving gems and jewelry.

• Global Gemology & Appraisals, 2017-Present
Gemologist, Jewelry Appraiser, Expert Witness, Jewelry Buyer

• Deerfield Pawnbrokers, 2009-2021
Jewelry Appraiser, Jewelry Buyer, Pawnbroker



American Gem Society (AGS)
2023 - Advanced Personal Property Appraisal Course

American Society of Appraisers (ASA)
2024 - Necessary Preparation for Depositions and Key Distinctions Between Deposition and Trial Testimony
2024 - The Daubert Standard: An In-Depth Review of the Admissibility of Expert Witness Testimony
2024 - Mistakes to Avoid in Litigation Appraisals

2023 - Appraising Gems & Jewelry for Insurance Scheduling
2023 - Appraising The Jewelry After It's Gone
2023 - Tough Talks, Difficult Discussions and Crucial Conversations

Appraisers Association of America (AAA)
2022 - USPAP 7 Hour Update (Current through 06/24/2024)
2021 - Working with Auction Houses
2021 - Appraising Watches in 2021
2021 - A Defensible Appraisal Report
2020 - Market Analysis: When, Where, and How Much to Write
2020 - Theory and Methodology of Appraising
2020 - Research Methods for Appraisers
2020 - Legal and Ethical Aspects of Appraising
2020 - Appraisal Writing Workshop
2020 - USPAP 15 Hour Course

Christie's Education
2024 - Watches
2023 - Jewellery:  Gemstones, Metal, Fashion, Film and Objets d'art
2022 - Studio Jewelry:  From Mid-Century Pioneers to Contemporary Jewelry Masters
2019 - History of Jewellery Design:  1880 to Now

Cultured Pearl Association of America (CPAA)
2023 - PAO Pearl Specialist Course

Gemological Institute of America (GIA)
2023 - Gem Access
2023 - Pearl Grading Lab
2022 - Gem Access
2022 - Introduction to Gemstone and Jewelry Photography
2022 - Ruby: Country of Origin Determination
2021 - Continuing Education Program
2020 - Jewelry Forensics
2020 - Continuing Education Program
2019 - Continuing Education Program
2019 - Pearls
2017 - Gem Identification Lab
2017 - Colored Stones Lab
2017 - Diamond Grading Lab
2017 - Jewelry Essentials
2016 - Gem Identification
2012 - Colored Stones
2011 - Colored Stones Essentials
2010 - Diamonds and Diamond Grading
2010 - Diamond Essentials

International School of Gemology (ISG)
2023 - Created and Treated Gemstones
2023 - Introduction to Watches
2023 - Evaluating Damaged Jewelry
2023 - Litigation and Expert Witness for Appraisers

Jewelers of America (JA)
2023 - Management Professional Certification Exam - Level 2
2023 - Management Professional Certification Exam - Level 1
2023 - Sales Professional Certification Exam - Level 2
2023 - Sales Professional Certification Exam - Level 1

Matson & Associates
2023 - Effective Expert Witnessing

National Association of Jewelry Appraisers (NAJA)
2021 - ACE©It Virtual Winter Conference
2020 - Jewelry History, Specific Jewelry Types, Expert Witness & More
2019 - Appraisal Theory & Methodology

SEAK - The Expert Witness Training Company
2023 - How to Testify as an Expert Witness at Deposition & Trial

Trial Guides
2023 - Selecting and Presenting a Bulletproof Expert Witness
2023 - Expert Witnesses: Maximizing Impact from Yours and Minimizing Theirs

Watch Certification Services of America (Watch CSA)
2024 - Rolex Geek Master Class

2024 - Watch Authentication: A Process For Identifying Super Fakes



NAJA Accredited Gemological Laboratory - On January 22, 2020 Scott Papper was awarded NAJA Accredited Gemological Laboratory certification.  This certification represents NAJA’s leading gemological laboratories who believe in excellence and are dedicated to establishing the highest ethical and professional standards of practice.


To qualify as an NAJA Accredited Gem Lab, the following requirements must be met:

An Accredited Lab requires that all instruments listed below must be available for use.  When working, all gemological equipment must be accessible.  When traveling, the lab equipment must be transportable and available.  Use of lab tools must be done by an experienced gemologist and in accordance with the NAJA Code of Ethics.


Required gemological equipment:

  1. Diamond scales (to 0.002 carat accuracy)
  2. Measuring device: Presidium™, Leveridge™, Sarin, OGI, loupe (with internal scale) with at least 1 gauge block for calibration (with certificate of NIST calibration and traceability)
  3. 10x loupe
  4. Binocular microscope (10x to 45x minimum)
  5. Diamond grading lamps, LED or fluorescent, of proper daylight equivalent wavelength
  6. Refractometer with polarizing plate, monochromatic yellow light source and RI fluid
  7. Polariscope and conoscope ball
  8. Dichroscope
  9. Spectroscope
  10. Digital weight scale
  11. Ultraviolet light source: long wave & short wave
  12. Thermal probe for diamonds and also for testing for moissanite
  13. Diamond Type I versus diamond Type II discrimination unit
  14. Diamond phosphorescent determination unit
  15. A standardized color system for color gemstone description:  GemDialogue™, Gem-e-Square™, World of Color™ or Codex™
  16. Filter sets - Chelsea and Hanneman complete filter kit Model 2012
  17. Precious metal detector:  electronic tester & acid test kit for 10K, 14K, 18K, 22K, silver & platinum
  18. A set comprised of five (5) GIA or AGSL Master Color Grading Diamonds.  Alternatively, a set of at least seven (7) 6mm or larger diameter cubic zirconia master stones accompanied by a minimum of three (3) GIA lab graded diamonds used to control the ongoing accuracy of the CZs.  Diamonds allow rapid and immediate detection any color changes in CZ masters.


As an NAJA Accredited Gem Lab, a Certified Member, Certified Senior Member or Certified Master Appraiser is required to oversee this laboratory.