Collection: Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl

Cat's eye is a phenomenal variety of chrysoberyl that displays a rare, chatoyant, "cat's eye" effect.

This rare phenomenon is caused by many microscopic inclusions within the gem that reflect light back in a thin band.  This thin band will appear to move as the gem is rotated, resembling the eye of a cat.

Did you know that cat's eye is related to alexandrite?  Both cat's eye and alexandrite are phenomenal varieties of chrysoberyl.

Cat's eye chrysoberyl has the longest history of all members of the chrysoberyl "family".  It was treasured in Asian culture pre-dating Christ and was more well-known in Rome by the late First Century.  Cat's eye chrysoberyl was very popular in Victorian and Edwardian jewelry, and is still used by creative designers to this day.