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5.10 ct. Ammolite

5.10 ct. Ammolite

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Global Gemology is an NAJA Accredited Gemological Laboratory.  All gem and jewelry items have been examined by a Graduate Gemologist & Certified Master Appraiser.

Ammolite is a colorful, iridescent gem created by fossilized ammonite shells!  This beautiful organic gemstone is found in Southern Alberta, Canada.  Ammonites were squid-like creatures with beak-shaped jaws.  Ammonites became extinct approximately 66 million years ago, along with the dinosaurs!  Most ammolite is green and red, while blue and violet ammolite is more rare.

This round ammolite cabochon is predominantly brown with a green and red center, somewhat resembling an eyeball!  It measures approximately 12mm in diameter and weighs 5.10 carats.  The ammolite has a fresh polish and is ready to be used in jewelry.

Quantity: 1
Gem Species: Ammolite
Nature: Natural
Shape / Cutting Style: Round Cabochon
Hue: Brown with Green & Red Center
Phenomenon: Iridescence
Transparency: Semi Translucent
Symmetry: Very Good
Treatments: Routine Impregnation
Measurements: 12.10 x 11.80 x 4.39mm
Carat Weight: 5.10 ct.
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