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Georgian Era Repro Natural Pearl & Rose Cut Diamond Silver-Topped Gold Pendant

Georgian Era Repro Natural Pearl & Rose Cut Diamond Silver-Topped Gold Pendant

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This magnificent pendant is a reproduction of styles seen during the Georgian Era (circa 1714 - 1837).

Rose cut diamonds and natural pearls are set in silver-topped gold that has been pierced, cut, filed and polished by hand.  Each bezel was cut specifically to accommodate its uniquely-shaped baroque pearl.

The pendant has three points of articulation, via hinged rivets, allowing for movement.

The pendant is set with five (5) natural baroque pearls, several of which are twinned pearls.  The pearls are natural, not cultured.  They are white/silver, and display various colored overtones, such as green and rosé.  When pearls display more than 1 color overtone, it is known as orient, which is highly desirable.

The piece is also set with a total of one hundred twenty (120) crudely cut and polished, antique rose cut diamonds.  They total approximately 1 carat.

Overall measurements of the pendant are 3.5" x 2".

Gross weight of the pendant is 33.6 grams.

Item Details
Metal: Silver-Topped Gold (Back Tests High Karat)
Vintage: Reproduction of Georgian Era (circa 1714 - 1837)
Size: 3.5" x 2"
Hallmarks: None
Gross Weight: 33.6 grams (21.6 dwts)
Pearl Details
Quantity: 5
Type: Saltwater
Nature: Natural
Size: 9 x 8mm to 14 x 9mm
Shape: Baroque (Several Twinned Pearls)
Color: White / Silver
Overtones: Rosé and Green 
Phenomena: Orient
Luster: Good
Surface Quality:
Clean to Lightly Blemished
Treatments: None
Diamond Details
Quantity: 120
Cut: Antique Rose Cut
Total Carat Weight:
1.00 carat
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