Georgian Era Antique Pearl & Rose Cut Diamond Silver-Topped Gold Ear Pendants

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These magnificent ear pendants were hand-fabricated during the Georgian Era (circa 1714-1837).

Rose cut diamonds and natural pearls are set in silver-topped gold that has been pierced, cut, filed and polished by hand.   Both bezels were cut specifically to accommodate their uniquely-shaped baroque pearls.  The dangling pearls are set in four-prong baskets that were also completely hand-fabricated.  The engraved details throughout the entire pair of earrings were guessed it...done by hand!

The earrings have two points of articulation, allowing for movement.  They are fastened by back-to-front wire hook closures, typical of the Georgian Era.  Please Note:  There is minor evidence of repair using lead solder.

The earrings are set with four (4) natural baroque twinned pearls.  The pearls are natural, not cultured.  They are white/silver, and display various colored overtones, such as green and rosé.  When pearls display more than 1 color overtone, it is known as orient, which is highly desirable.

The earrings are also set with a total of seventy-six (76) crudely cut and polished, antique rose cut diamonds.  They total approximately 1/2 carat.

Overall measurements of the earrings are 2.75" from top to bottom.

Gross weight of the earrings is 17.5 grams.

Item Details
Metal: Silver Topped-Gold (Back Tests High-Karat)
Vintage: Georgian Era (circa 1714-1837)
Size: 2.75" From Top to Bottom
Hallmarks: None
Gross Weight: 17.5 grams (11.3 dwts)
Pearl Details
Quantity: 4
Type: Saltwater
Nature: Natural
Size: 13 x 8mm Average
Shape: Baroque (Twinned Pearls)
Color: White / Silver
Overtones: Rosé and Green 
Phenomena: Orient
Luster: Good
Surface Quality:
Clean to Lightly Blemished
Treatments: None
Diamond Details
Quantity: 76
Cut: Antique Rose Cut
Total Carat Weight:
0.50 carat