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GIA 11.45 ct. Natural Melo Melo Pearl & Diamond Ring in Platinum

GIA 11.45 ct. Natural Melo Melo Pearl & Diamond Ring in Platinum

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Global Gemology is an NAJA Accredited Gemological Laboratory.  All gem and jewelry items have been examined by Scott Papper, who has earned the following credentials:
  * Graduate Gemologist (GIA)
  * Certified Master Appraiser (NAJA)
  * Registered Gemologist Appraiser (ISG)
  * Accredited Senior Gemologist (AGA)
  * Applied Jewelry Professional (GIA)
  * Graduate Diamonds (GIA)
  * Graduate Colored Stones (GIA)
  * Graduate Pearls (GIA)
  * Certified Senior Management Professional (JA)
  * Certified Senior Sales Professional (JA)
  * Certified Cultured Pearl Specialist (CPAA)


Melo melo pearls are amongst the rarest gems in the world.

This magnificent, 1-of-a-kind platinum ring features an 11.45 ct. natural melo melo pearl framed by a halo of gem quality diamonds. Double talon prongs are used to secure the melo melo pearl while the diamonds are meticulously pavé set. Setting is stamped "PLAT".


Accompanied by GIA Pearl Report #6213073372.  


Melo pearls are created by the Indian Volute (also known as the zebra snail​ or Melo Melo): an extremely large marine gastropod from the Volutidae family, found in Southeastern Asian waters. These large melo snails inhabit shallow waters off the coasts of Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines. Natural melo melo pearls are produced when an irritant, such as a parasite, enters the mollusk. As a defense mechanism, the snail will coat the irritant with a calcium carbonate over time producing a porcelain-like, non-nacreous pearl. The finest melo pearls are an intense orange color with visible flame structure. This flame-like or silk-like appearance is due to a phenomenon known as chatoyancy​.


Metal: Platinum

Gender: Lady's

Ring Size: 6.75

Hallmarks: "PLAT"

Gross Weight: 16.1 grams (10.3 dwts)

Age: Contemporary (21st Century)

Condition: Brand New


Quantity: 1

Type: Melo Melo

Mollusk: Melo Species

Nature: Natural

Environment: Saltwater

Size: 14.04 x 10.53 x 10.32mm

Shape: Semi-Baroque

Color: Yellowish Orange

Luster: Porcelaneous

Phenomena: Chatoyancy

Treatments: Worked (Polished)

Transparency: Opaque

Carat Weight: 11.45 carats

GIA Report Number: 6213073372


Quantity: 22

Shape/Cutting Style: Round Brilliant Cut

Color: F-G

Clarity: VS1

Measurements: 2.10mm Diameter

Total Carat Weight: 0.75 ct.

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