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GIA 2.59 ct. Natural No Heat Purplish Pink Spinel

GIA 2.59 ct. Natural No Heat Purplish Pink Spinel

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Global Gemology is an NAJA Accredited Gemological Laboratory.  All gem and jewelry items have been examined by a Graduate Gemologist (GG), Certified Master Appraiser (CMA), Registered Gemologist Appraiser (RGA), and Applied Jewelry Professional (AJP).

Spinel is a wonderful gem that occurs naturally in many different colors, even colorless.  The most valued spinel colors are red, cobalt blue, vivid pink and orange, with the finest qualities rivaling high quality rubies and sapphires.

This wonderful 2.59 carat natural purplish pink spinel is accompanied by GIA Spinel Report #1216647697 stating it has not been heated.  Its vivid pink hue resembles that of fine quality pink sapphire.  The appearance of the inclusions located within the gem prove it to be natural and unheated.

Quantity: 1
Gem Species: Spinel
Nature: Natural
Shape/Cutting Style: Oval Modified Brilliant cut
Hue: Purplish Pink
Tone: Medium Dark (GIA 6)
Saturation: Vivid (GIA 6)
Symmetry: Good
Brilliancy: 70%
Clarity: VS (GIA Type II)
Treatments: No Indications of Heating
Measurements: 9.79 x 7.40 x 5.05mm
Carat Weight: 2.59 ct.
GIA Report Number: 1216647697
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