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GIA 4.57 ct. Natural No Heat Peach Sapphire

GIA 4.57 ct. Natural No Heat Peach Sapphire

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Global Gemology is an NAJA Accredited Gemological Laboratory.  All gem and jewelry items have been examined by a Graduate Gemologist (GG), Certified Master Appraiser (CMA), Registered Gemologist Appraiser (RGA), and Applied Jewelry Professional (AJP).

Sapphires are considered one of the “Big 3” precious gems and often command some of the highest prices per carat in fine qualities. ​ Over 95% of sapphires are heated to improve their color.  Natural, unheated sapphires are more rare, and more valuable, than heated sapphires of the same quality. Sapphire is a 9 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, second only to diamond.  In addition to their beauty, sapphire's resistance to scratching is another reason why it's such a popular gem.​

This fancy colored natural, untreated sapphire is an attractive light peach color, graded "yellowish orange" by GIA.  It almost has the prized Padparadscha coloring from different angles.  It measures 11.03 x 7.88 x 6.11mm and weighs 4.57 carats.  GIA has determined it has not been heated, which is extremely rare in natural sapphires!

Accompanied by GIA Sapphire Report Number 5221034640.

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Gem Variety: Sapphire
Gem Species: Corundum
Nature: Natural
Shape / Cutting Style: Oval Modified Brilliant Cut
Hue: Yellowish Orange
Tone: Very Light (GIA 2)
Saturation: Moderately Strong (GIA 4)
Symmetry: Very Good
Brilliancy: 90%
Clarity: VS (GIA Type II)
Treatments: None
Measurements: 11.03 x 7.88 x 6.11mm
Carat Weight: 4.57 ct.
GIA Report Number: 5221034640
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