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GIA 6.33 ct. No-Heat Star Sapphire Ring in Platinum

GIA 6.33 ct. No-Heat Star Sapphire Ring in Platinum

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Global Gemology is an NAJA Accredited Gemological Laboratory.  All gem and jewelry items have been examined by a Graduate Gemologist (GG), Certified Master Appraiser (CMA), Registered Gemologist Appraiser (RGA), and Applied Jewelry Professional (AJP).

Star sapphire is a unique gem known for its phenomenon called asterism.  This star effect is created by many parallel rutile needle inclusions that intersect at 60° angles. Synthetic star sapphires will have a perfectly centered, well-defined star while natural star sapphires will often have an off-centered star.

This brand new, custom made ring features a 6.33 carat natural purple-pink star sapphire mounted in a platinum ring with a satin finish.  Star sapphires are commonly heated to improve their appearance.  However, this natural star sapphire has not been heated, adding to its rarity.  It has a wonderful purple-pink hue with an almost-centered 6-ray star.  Inside the ring is hallmarked "PLAT".

Accompanied by GIA Sapphire Report # 5211647713.

Metal: Platinum
Finish: Brushed Satin Finish
Gender: Unisex (Men's or Lady's)
Ring Size: 6.75
Hallmarks: "PLAT" (Stamped)
Gross Weight: 13.2 grams (8.5 dwts)
Age: Contemporary
Condition: Brand New

Gemstone: Natural Star Sapphire
Quantity: 1
Cut: Double Cabochon
Hue: Purple-Pink
Tone: Dark (GIA 7)
Saturation: Moderately Strong (GIA 4)
Phenomenon: Displaying Asterism
Legs: 6
Centering: 90%
Transparency: Translucent
Treatments: No Indications of Heating
Measurements: 11.43 x 8.96 x 5.60mm
Carat Weight: 6.33 ct.
GIA Report Number: 5211647713
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