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GIA 8.64 ct. Natural Tridacna Pearl & Diamond Ring in Platinum

GIA 8.64 ct. Natural Tridacna Pearl & Diamond Ring in Platinum

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This magnificent, 1-of-a-kind ring features an 8.64 carat natural tridacna pearl set in a darkened platinum setting with 2.35 carats of pavé diamond accents.  Accompanied by GIA Pearl Report.


* This pearl has a very unique flame pattern that looks like an eyeball!


Tridacna pearls are very rare, organic gems produced by the largest living bivalve mollusk from the Cardiidae family, known as the Tridacna gigas or Giant Clam. Tridacna clams can live for up to 100 years, can grow as large as 4 feet across and weigh up to 440 pounds. Natural Tridacna pearls are known for their porcelain-like white color, sometimes with beautiful flame patterning. Tridacna clams can be found in the shallow waters of the Indo-Pacific, inhabiting coral reefs. Prior to 2016, the largest pearl in history was a Tridacna pearl known as "The Pearl of Allah". The Pearl of Allah was discovered in 1934 off the Philippines' coastline. It measures 9.4 inches long, weighs approximately 14 pounds, and was valued by the San Francisco Gem Laboratory at $40,000,000.00! The record was broken in 2016 by another Tridacna pearl found in the Philippines. This massive pearl measures over 2 feet long by 1 foot wide and weighs approximately 75 pounds!

Item Details
Metal: Darkened Platinum
Gender: Lady's
Ring Size: 7 1/4
Hallmarks: None (Tests Platinum)
Gross Weight: 12.7 grams (8.2 dwts)
Pearl Details
Quantity: 1
Type: Tridacna
Mollusk: Tridacninae Subfamily (Clam)
Nature: Natural
Environment: Saltwater
Size: 11.08 x 8.98mm
Shape: Button
Color: Cream
Luster: Good
Phenomena: Chatoyancy
Treatments: None
Transparency: Opaque
Carat Weight: 8.64 carats
GIA Report Number: 2201324708
Diamond Details
Quantity: 121
Cut: Round Brilliant Cut
Color: G-H
Clarity: VS1-VS2
Total Carat Weight
2.35 carats
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